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Your 1st Choice in a Sewer Line Inspection Company.

The main sewer line of a property is a vital component that often goes un-noticed until it is to late. While a sure sign, waiting for backups or other problems to arise before directing your attention to this system can often lead to high cost repairs that could have been avoided as well as the headaches of not being able to use your facilities. At Drain Vision our goal is to keep you apprised of the health of your sewer line and help you avoid those potentially costly issues from ever occurring!

All of our inspections include an HD full color copy of the entire sewer line (viewed through a Youtube link) accompanied by a detailed written honest report. Both of these are emailed directly to you within 24 hours of the inspection or same day!



When left neglected for extended periods of time roots can eventually block and/or damage the pipe they are intruding into. With hydro-jetting we push 4000 psi of water pressure through the affected pipes in order to flush out all debris, roots, sludge, grease and descale buildup from interior of pipe walls without damaging the integrity of the existing line.


With snaking we cable the line with full pipe diameter cutter knives in order to ensure blockage is completely cleared. 

With Drain Vision, we always use proper equipment when cleaning a sewer system to ensure the most thorough root removal possible with either method.


Smoke testing is a simple and quick way to avoid having to open walls in search of the sources of toxic sewer gases/odors, insects, rodents, or water damage. Guesswork is eliminated since a visible element is added to the odor source.

Having the smoke test performed may save you from undertaking unnecessary repairs in an attempt to address the issues listed above.


Sewer odors do not always indicate a major deficiency in the sewer pipes. The smoke test results may point to a solution as simple as replacing a wax ring on a toilet or replacing a p-trap under a sink.

A non-toxic smoke, or vapor, will be blown into the sewer, storm, or grease system via an access point such as a roof vent stack opening or a clean-out. The smoke will then travel throughout the pipes, pressurizing the drainage system, and manifest itself at or near the source of leaks.


Avoid costly demo or accidental damage and injury -and be sure to keep your project in good graces with your local city ordinances.


When you need to locate a pipe or utility cable underground or in a wall, utility location equipment can help you find it easier and faster.


After an inspection, we also locate exactly where any hidden issues may be for faster most cost efficient repairs.


The basic premise behind a utility locator is that it works by producing and transmitting a signal onto a utility that is metallic that the receiver can detect. Our service techs will then mark the exact depth and direction of the line as well as notate it in your custom tailored honest report.